Wounded in Battle

17th February 2014
I have been fortunate enough to see many different species of wild birds at our backyard feeders, but there is one beautiful bird I had only seen in pictures. The Cedar Waxwings come through, usually in a large group and clean up a holly or other fruit bush.
Yesterday, while having coffee with friends at Burger King, we saw a large group of birds attacking the holly bushes in the parking area. I said, "I wonder if those are Cedar Waxwings", I really would like to see one. My camera was in the car but I hadn't brought my telephoto lens, only a smaller one. My husband went out to take a look and came back with a report. Yes! it was the waxwings.

His phone rang and while he was outside talking, I saw him waving something outside the window and motioning me to come out. When I got outside with my camera, he had an injured waxwing in one hand and still having his phone conversation. The beautiful bird had been hurt and had holly berries stuck to the wound in his chest. Being a Vet-Tech, Jimmie said, I need you to help me, you're going to remove the berries while I hold the bird. (You have to be extremely careful when holding a bird, injured or not).

I gently pulled the berries away and the wound didn't look too bad. He gently put the bird down under a bush, it sat there a few seconds, and then, to our amazement, he flew away!
I did get a few photos, I would rather have had a pic of an uninjured bird, but I was surprised how beautiful the waxwing really is. I did a little playing around in Photo Shop with the last photo, and "healed" his wound, not the best job but, I GOT TO SEE A REAL LIVE CEDAR WAXWING!. Hope he's going to be ok.