Smoky Mountain Autumn 2014

11th February 2015
My, I'm way behind(again). I have a hard time keeping up with my blog and news posts. Our autumn trip to the Smokies in October was another memorable trip. We saw lots of big bucks, bears, and elk (in Cherokee). One young bear just past the visitor center in Cades Cove posed for us as we drove by. The most memorable moment was on Friday night before we came home. We had driven into Pigeon Forge to meet friends at Cracker Barrel. Coming back down Little River Road after dark, all of a sudden a mother bear lunged from a ditch and into the road, immediately followed by two cubs. My husband slammed on the brakes and we just knew there was no way to miss them. Mother crossed the road but we weren't sure where the cubs were, under the truck maybe? We were afraid to move for fear of running over them. Then mama bear crossed back across the road. My husband said, roll down your window and shoot the camera with flash and see if you can see them. I heard rustling and noise and realized it was a baby climbing the tree beside the truck. One quick flash and I got him, of course the photo was horrible. Then it occurred to me, Mama came back for her babies. Didn't take long to roll the window up. Still not knowing where the other cub, or mama was,we sat there until a truck came up behind us and we moved forward very slowly with flashers on. Not feeling a thud, we began to move away. My heart was racing, it all happened so fast. Just goes to show, you never know when and where wildlife will cross the road. Be Cautious! The photo below is the bear we saw past the visitor center.