Shakerag Hollow

01st May 2012

Well,it's been a while since I updated! It's been a busy spring, haven't had a chance to visit the Smokies, so we went to a nearby spot, Sewanee mountain in Franklin Co. Tn. We hiked a short way on the trails in Shakerag Hollow and found a few things blooming that we normally see in the Smokies. A very unusual growth on a juvenile oak tree left us scratching out heads and wondering. My husband decided it was a fungus so I did a little research. I found that it is a Wool Sower Gall. The Wool Sower Gall is produced by a tiny parasitic wasp.The grubs live inside these galls. They look like fuzzy white balls with red splotches. The mountain laural was blooming this past Sunday, April 29th. We've missed it in the mountains the last few years, so I enjoyed seeing it. Nothing compares to the Smokies but we do have some beautiful local trails available. Check my Shakerag gallery to see a few of the photos we took.

Wool Sower Gall