Road Trip to Shiloh

16th March 2016

We've been waiting for a couple of days off to travel to Shiloh Military Park to see the eagles. That opportunity happened the first weekend in March. We left home early Friday morning for Savannah,TN. stopped for breakfast in Lawrenceburg, and arrived about mid morning.

The military history and preservation at Shiloh is incredible. When we made the trip last summer it was all about the Civil War history and it was a nostalgic and a learning experience.

But this trip was all about the EAGLES! Sadly, the famous pair, Hiram and Julia, were missing a member. Julia, the female, had not been seen for a couple of weeks. That was sad, but we did get to see Hiram. As we approached the nesting tree the first trip around, a gentleman with a camera was standing in the road and motioning for us to hurry, and pointing into the tree. The new female, Scarlet, aka Spotted tail was sitting on a limb in the tree. Before long Hiram flew in and went into the nest and began to arrange things. According to the photographers that visit daily, Ms. Scarlet doesn't do a lot of housekeeping, unlike Julia, who was always busy.

There were still no eggs in the nest yet but there have been several reports of mating between the pair, and we did catch a glimpse of one the first day. (The cables on the side of tree are going to the nest cam the park service has above the nest.)

We managed a few shots of the pair before they took off, Jimmie really gets serious when he sees wildlife!

After the eagles left we drove around by the river to the Indian Mounds where the eagles are frequently seen. The mounds and their history are interesting, standing watch over the Tennessee River, they are a sobering sight.

An added treat, we caught a tug boat pushing a barge down the river!

Later that afternoon we went back to the nesting tree and met some wonderful people.
The dedicated photographers who spend a lot of time and put a lot of effort into keeping track of the Shiloh Eagles behavior and nesting, as well as taking and sharing their awesome photos. We left before dusk and ate at a unique little restaurant in Savannah called Molly Mondays, catfish buffet, delicious! End of day one.

DAY TWO.Up early and breakfast in Adamsville, home of famed Buford Pusser.
Arriving at the tree, we met up again with two couples, wonderful photographers. Ronald and Faye Armour and David and Sandra Mayes. No sightings yet so we drove to the river again. When we made it to the tree, the ladies had gone to the Indian mounds to check for activity, with a promise to call their husbands if they saw anything.
Before long a call came in, Hiram headed your way!! He was grasping a large stick in his feet! Hiram dropped the stick in the nest and quickly flew away. (Not the best shot but, oh well).

We had to leave around lunch time but I will say this was a trip I will never forget, just being able to see the great Bald Eagle for the first time was a thrill. Wonderful company and beautiful birds, what more could we ask for? Incredible memories.

Birds of Prey...