Highway 64 Eagle

15th February 2017

The Bald Eagle has always been my favorite raptor. In a previous blog post, I stated that I had never seen one until we visited Shiloh Battlefield and saw the resident pair, Hiram and Julia, (and Scarlet). I never dreamed I would see one closer to home, in middle Tennessee.

We travel Highway 64 West all the way to Savannah, Tn. to the turnoff to Shiloh, but we live a little over two hours in the other direction, on hwy. 64 East. We had heard rumors for a year of eagle sightings in our area but had never seen one.
Then one Sunday morning in October of 2016, we were about a mile from our house, headed to church. My husband braked and pulled over to turn around. Conversation was, "what are you doing?", "I'm turning around, there's an eagle in the road", Me, "yea, right".
Sure enough, there was an eagle dining on road kill. As we turned around, he flew to a power pole across the highway and posed for a few photos. Needless to say I was thrilled. We talked about "my eagle" for weeks.

This was enough to keep me for a while, but we never saw him again. Then, shortly after New Years 2017 it came a short snow storm and my husband went to the store before thing got too bad. He came back and burst through the door, "get your camera, lets go". The eagle is just down the highway. YES! our second sighting. This one was feasting on road kill also, flew back and forth across the highway, stopping traffic. She (I think after comparing her photo with the earlier one) landed in an oak tree and sat there for a long time, watching over her breakfast.

In the last few weeks we have seen the pair at a local Fish Hatchery just behind our house. They circle and look for the dead fish cleaned out of the runways. There are several lakes in our area and also the Elk River. I am thrilled that I can now look out my window and actually expect to see a Bald Eagle!