Lonesome Train Whistle

31st January 2013
On a cold and cloudy January afternoon we drove to the small city of Cowan,TN. We've passed through many times but never stopped at the old depot to see the trains. As we were investigating and taking photos a train whistle blasted through the quiet afternoon. A CSX freight train was approaching and the lights beamed through the afternoon mist. We watched as it slowly made it's way down the track toward the base of the mountain. I think I fell in love with trains that day when I heard that "lonesome whistle blow".

Located at the foot of the Cumberland Mountains on the CSX mainline,the Depot building, which now houses a railroad museum,was built in 1904 along the NC&StL Railway. (Nashville,Chattanooga & St. Louis) and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

A restored steam locomotive engine sits beside the old railroad depot. A red caboose can be seen on the tracks behind the engine..Notice the "cow catcher" attached to the front of the engine. A cow catcher is a device attached to the front of a train to clear obstacles from the track. Other restored cars include NC&STL diesel locomotives and a GE switch engine. The little city of Cowan is definately not small on history.

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