Doorknobs and Rusty Hinges

16th July 2013

As the months of summer slowly pass away, I look back over the past year and remember my disappointment of not being able to take a trip to the Smokies last fall, my favorite time of year. It seems like it's been forever, but we have had some wonderful opportunities to travel the local back roads and check out some of the places and things I love best. Our favorite pastime is exploring old abandoned houses and reliving the memories from childhood and discovering the stories behind these forgotten treasures. Things left behind are forgotten and no longer used, but the memories will last forever, and serve as a reminder to cherish our family heritage.

Being a family history researcher a few years back, we know a little of the history behind a lot of the local families and old home places. One old log cabin has been around since the 1800's and one of my great, great, great...aunts married into the family that originally lived there. It's amazing how long some of the old buildings can stand, with a little love and care.
Another old house holds fond memories of a dear lady who died at 100 yrs of age and lived in the same house all her life. It's almost gone now, fallen in from neglect, bu the staircase still stand, a reminder of a long life lived by a wonderful lady.
So many reminders left behind, like an old dishpan, mason jars, old doorknob, trash to some, but treasure to those who appreciate the memories.
We had the privilege to visit and old school house last weekend. History says the last classes were held there in 1929, but the building still stands, complete with the old bell tower. I closed my eyes and it seemed I could still hear that bell ringing across the hills and hollers.
I am thankful for the opportunities and the memories a trip down a country back road can reward me with.

I've created a photo gallery on my Fine Art America site dedicated to the memories.. It's called Doorknobs and Rusty Hinges. It is a work in progress but you are welcome to visit it at
The photos below are just a sample of some of the treasures we've found this summer on the backroads of Tennessee.

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