Backyard Happenings

16th April 2014
With springtime beginning, and then a cold freezing night last night, I wondered how all my backyard birds would fair, especially the two hummingbirds that have been feeding for a couple of weeks. Not to worry, they were there at the feeder bright and early. I love to watch the feeders early every morning from the kitchen to see if a new visitor shows up in addition to the usual cardinals, finches,bluebirds and now the red-winged blackbirds.

The Eastern bluebirds are my favorite, they have been nesting in our boxes for a few years now. This morning the male watched from the feeder as the female landed below in the yard. no sooner had she landed than a mockingbird swooped down and flogged her. She held her on and came back immediately. As I watched her turn her head from side to side, I saw what had her attention. A big juicy worm, worth fighting for. A couple of tugs and she has him out of the ground and in her beak, headed for the house.

We have had a variety of woodpecker in the backyard, Red-bellied, downy, hairy, and even an occasional Pileated. Two years ago I began seeing several Norther Flickers in the back. This morning I heard a loud pecking in the front yard. When I looked out a Flicker was working away on the bottom of a tree trunk. She is still feeding around the tree so hopefully they will be nesting there this season. The temperature is recovering nicely and SPRING HAS FINALLY SPRUNG!